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Life allows us the ability to draw back in our memory and recall events that changed us. Events that in more than one way formed the person we have become. I am speaking of my boating experience. I was under ten years old and my dad took me on a ride to the local department store.  As we walked through, hand in hand, the view from my perspective was upward.  Dad asked me what I thought and I am sure my response was something like “about what”, we were standing in front of a shiny aluminum 14 row boat, with Sea King blazed on each side. We soon had her loaded into the station wagon but not before buying a few boating sundries; Anchor, anchor line, oars, oar locks and some life jackets. The anchor was a yellow rubber covered mushroom style. I do not know what became of it, but that boat is still kept alongside my mother’s home at the beach. Moreover, that boat is still kept in my memory and My Children use it to row out to the clam bed in the Back Bay west of My Mother’s home. I could begin to fill your ears with facts about the “Hightider”, but what we are talking about is your memories, and those your children will make as they become the master in charge of their own “Hightider”.

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