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We Build Beautiful Boats To Last

Our team members are all fishing / boating enthusiasts.


They are trained in the tasks they perform and are proud of the boats they build.


Our boats are hand made with great care.  When building in FRP (fiberglass) we mix and apply our raw liquid material via a proven mechanical measured method. This allows us to maintain superior quality in our resin-to-catalyst ratio. What this means to our customers is that the boat will have been built with the same ratio throughout the hull and no hot spots are caused from excessive catalization . Our suppliers deliver our fiberglass in wide rolls. These high performance matrix fabrics are ordered in widths to minimize the amount of seams in the boats hull and to maximize the locations of the required seams to aid in building a stronger boat.  A boat having a lamination schedule requiring four pieces of 2415 fabric will have a keel laminate of eight. This also occurs at the chine, the transom bottom and sides (all locations of high load and stress). The stringers and bulkheads are all constructed of fiberglass composite materials.  This holds true for our transom core and deck s as well.

23 hull lamination23marolina transom core23 nida core bulkhead


At the choice of the buyer, we can build your boat in solid fiberglass, wood composite (cold molded) or Corecelltm foam construction.

Our cold molded boats are jig-built over laminated Douglas Fir structural members and diagonal planked with marine plywood covered in fiberglass, both inside and out, using epoxy resin.


Our Corecell boats are also jig-built and have a composite stringer bulkhead arrangement.




Our raw materials are the best you can buy.  We could use cheaper materials but this is not our way.  Would you want to tell your family: “This boat was built with the cheapest material. Let's go for a ride!”   We didn't think so.  Neither would we.